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Chang Jiang 750 Sidecar Tours in Beijing:

Riding a CJ750 in Beijing is recommended as one of the most fun and grassroots way of exploring the city. Slow riding on a CJ750 sidecar gets you through the traffic and there are so the many attractions that can be seen in one day. Spend your time leisurely at your own pace going when you want or staying as long as you want. The city of Beijing does offer many interesting sites such as Houhai, Beihai Park, Temple of Heaven, Wumen (inside front gate of Forbidden City) Bell Tower, Ritan Park, Panjiayuan, Sanliturn, 798 Art District, Olympic Park, Olympic Bird's Next Stadium. There are a few one day Beijing tours that are a must do for motorcycle enthuiast:

1) Historical Tour - A great way to see some of the famous historical areas of Beijing at a leisurely pace and feel the culture of the city as the ride goes to old parts of town. Start with pick up at hotel then to; Temple of Heaven, Antique Market, Beijing Traditional Lunch, Forbidden City, and drop off at Sanliturn (famous beer street bar, pub and restaurant area).

2) Art and Cultural Tour - Catch the latest Arts exhibit and visit some hip and happening parts of town. The tour starts late morning with pick up at hotel then to: Houhai Hutongs (large lake in city), Nanluoguxiang (NLGX), Lama Temple, Lunch, 798 Art District, drop off for dinner at either Acrobatic or Kung Fu Show.

3) Night Tour - A great way to do some partying in the summer, our night tour takes you to Houhai which has many bars, and you can do a romantic boat ride dinner around the lake, then off for a walk through NLGX, and a mystical ride through the front of the forbidden city and see its red walls lite up (on only during weekends and holidays), then off to the Workers Stadium and finally to Sanliturn. A great fun ride, no dealing with taxis, no getting lost, and its about fun.

4) Custom tours - You can decide where you want to go and we will work out a schedule for you. A CJ750 sidecar ride around the city is an incredible experience. You will get to see Beijing at the ground level, spend as much time you want or don't want, meet people, and importantly you will become friends with other motorcycle enthusiast.

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Getting a Chang Jiang 750 Sidecar Motorcycle in Beijing

There are legally licensed Chang Jiang 750 Motorcycles in Beijing. You can purchase bikes with Beijing plates or plates from outside provinces such as Hebei. However you do have to make sure your plates are real or you can get into big trouble. There are a dozen or so dealers selling sidecars in Beijing, however only three of them actually ride motorcycles and have local clients thus will not deal with funny business. We recommend you to look around and find a dealer that rides, and has experience in motorcycles and has knowledge and experience in mechanics. The CJ750 are high maintanence motorcycles that require attention. Basic combustion knowledge and willing to get your hand greasy will keep a Chang Jiang 750 reliable.

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Recommendations and Pointers

When riding be aware of cars and especially taxi drivers pulling over in front of you. It is best to not ride in the bicycle lane because there are many pedestrians that might just jump out in front of you.

Many places might not let you park your sidecar, thus you can park it on the sidewalk next to bicycles, however you might have to pay a small parking fee.

Do not leave anything valuable in the bucket.

When you park your sidecar motorcycle, turn your gas petcock off, put your bike in gear, and make sure you lock the front wheel.

Never lose your helmet, its easy to replace gloves, jacket, but not a helmet.

The Chang Jiang 750 sidecar can go very fast however the brakes might not stop you in time.

Drivers cutting in front of you, making left turns from right side, coming out of driveways, making right turns with out stopping, running red and yellow lights, they will not hesistate to run you over.

Ride your sidecar defensively and slowly, do not be agressive, and do not get distracted.