sidecar trips in China



Can we ride motorcycles in China? YES, you can get a temporary motorcycle license and as a tourist on an organzied tour. The application for this needs to be done at least two monhts in advance. For car drivers licenses, they can be obtained when you enter the country as long as the visa is less than thirty days. If you ride without a motorcycle license you are fully liable for any accidents that happen and will not be able to get any travel insurance in China.

Why ride with a sidecar? The Chang Jiang 750 sidecar is a vintage motorcycle in China that has been produced for over 50 years. It has a large capacity engine 750cc, can haul your luggage and travel gear, and important are legally licensed for the road. All of our Chang Jiang 750 sidecar motorcycles that we use on our tours are all legally registered.

How many passengers can we take? The Chang Jiang 750 sidecar motorcycle can take two passenger and one driver thus a total of three passengers. However on long trips we recommend that you take only one passenger or no passenger. Long distance rides can be very hard for people that do not enjoy motorcycling.

What if I do not own a motorcycle or sidecar? Motorcycles and Sidecars can be rented or you can buy one and sell it after the trip, usually our customers will buy one, ride it and after the trip have it restored and shipped to his home country.

I am coming to China from overseas, what do I need to bring? Most of our riding does not require special gear and many items can be bought in China. We do recommend that you bring your helmet. Warm clothing is a must, gloves, digital camera, etc.. Hiking boots are the best for Cj750 riding. Items such as jackets, sweater, bags, can be bought in China.

I am located in Shanghai, can we organize a trip during the national holidays? May day, National Day, are some of the best time to ride into the mountains and avoid the crowds. For the holiday tours, please book with us at least two months in advance as they are very popular.

I am in Beijing and have a few extra days, can I do a one day city tour? A great idea, for one day local tours or wall tours, we can accomodate most tours with short notice, just drop us an email.

I am interested in a ride through the Takaharam Desert or Lapnor, is that possible? Rides to places in XinJiang is possible with the exception of military zones. We recommend you travel this on a Jialing 750, or BMW dual sports bike. Email us for more information.