sidecar trips in China


Chang Jiang 750 Sidecar Tours to the Great Wall:

The Great Wall sits north of Beijing and stretches for thousands of miles west and hundreds of miles east. A sidecar adventure with us to the wall is an incredible journey. Ride though winding roads, up mountains, across rivers, pass ancient villages and arrive to see wild parts of the Great Wall not touched by tourism. These parts of the wall are very unique as they are in original condition and officially not open to the public. However we have been all over the countryside looking for such spots to bring our clients. The Great Wall sits in the mountain range north of Beijing starting about 60KM and is about 200km deep. Along the wall lies villages that once were home to the families of the soldiers that lived on the wall. These villages date back hundereds of years and are still there today.

The Great Wall trips start out from ShunYi which is north of Beijing and from there we head north east. Depending on how many days your China motorcycle tour is we will visit different parts of the Great Wall. Once we arrive in the villages you can decide to stay in a village home or camp out on the Great Wall. Many travelers opt to spend a night on the wall. You can watch the sunset and also the catch the sunrise. Some of the places we visit for the Great Wall include: Shentongyu, Jiankou, Badachu, Jinsanling, Huanghuachen, etc..


One Day Tours

Our most popular ride for those with limited time and yet wanting a close and upfront visit to the wild parts of the Great Wall. The trip goes through winding mountain roads, ride along side rivers, and you will still make it back in time to have dinner in Beijing. The ride basically goes to the mountains north of Beijing to one of the three places, Huairou, Miyuan or Huanghuachen. Starting around eight am you will head to the mountains and lunch at farmers home style resort (B&B) for some locally grown organic food. After lunch you will head to the wild Great Wall for a few hours, then ride back to Beijing.


Two Day Tours

The two day trips are more relax as you can start the ride a bit later and also there is plenty of time to explore the wild parts of the Great Wall.

Day one - Ride to Huairou and have lunch at farmers home, arrive at Jiankou in early afternoon, hike up wall and either make camp or return to village for dinner. This part of the Great Wall is very unique in that it was built in the last dynasty by the emperor QianLong to show the people how great his empire is. The last dynasty was ruled by Manchurians, which are people from northeastern China. Surrounding the village the view of this section of the wall is over two hundred degrees and forty kilometer long. The village sits in the valley below the Great Wall and in the fall you can catch seas of clouds in the morning when the sun rises. There are four trails up to the Great Wall, the shortest hike being thirty minutes and the longest hike is a bit over an hour.

Day two
- After breakfast in the village we ride to Huanghuahen which is the one of the only two underwater parts of the Great Wall. The hike to this part of the Great Wall which takes only about five minutes. After resting up, some lunch and refreshing tea, we ride back to Beijing.


Three Day Tours

The three day trips offer two nights at two famous parts of the Great Wall which has its own unique features. The Jinsanling part of the Great Wall has three is connected to Simatai and Gubeikou. These area of the wall is easy to hike and you can see many turrets. In some parts of this wall you can see hundreds of miles of the Great Wall. The second part of the wall that we visit is Jiankou which offers some stunning photo opportunities.

Day one - Head to border of Beijing to Hebei and visit Jinsanling. This part of the Great Wall is very special in that you can see for about 100 miles of the wall and stay at the foot of the Great Wall and enjoy a BBQ. If you have enough energy we can even drop you off at Simatai or Gubeikou and you can hike to Jinsanling which will take about five hours.

Day two
- Ride back to towards Beijing and go to Jiankou to spend the day there.

Day three
- After breakfast, we will ride to Cun Di Xia which is north west of Beijing. This is a five hour ride through the mountains. Cundixia is a Ming dynasty village, thus that puts it over five years old. This is a great location to visit for photographers as many of the homes there have been unchanged for hundereds of years and families living in the village have been there for generations dating back to the feudal periods of China when there ancesters had to live on the Great Wall to protect the empire from the northern invaders. After spending a few hours in this village we will head back to Beijing.