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One of our secret places to ride to, right up to side of the Great Wall.
sidecar trips in China

Xinjiang flatlands, blue skies during the day, stars at night, an incredible CJ750 ride experience.

Land of red soil in Kashzhistan.

Snow capped mountains during summer.

Amando, Jax, Grandma (80 years old) does Shaanxi ride with Lao Ren.

Inner Mongolian sidecar trip to the land of windmills.

The land where Genghis Khan came from. Lots of sheep and grasslands.

Dirt roads after it rains become mud traps.

Gobi desert on a summers day.

Riding through Shaanxi to Yanan where the Long March ended.

Inner Mongolian roads.

More of the roads that the Genghis Khan army travelled on.

Inner Mongolian roads.

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