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Heading back to Beijing from Dorlun Inner Mongolia.
sidecar trips in China

Hai Si checking out the scenery during a CJ750 engine rest.

Great Wall at Jinsanling where you can see over 80 turrets.

Mountain roads heading to Beijing from Basheng Inner Mongolia.

Mountain roads heading back towards Beijing.

May day and National Days are the two best riding time for expats living in China.

Can't decide how to proceed because the water can be very deep.

Expanding desert in Western China.

Conoco sponsored CJ750 sidecar rally at the Goldenport race track.

Bill checking his CJ750 bike out during a rest stop.

Weekend ride with the Beijing Dragons through Huairou.

Over 20 Chang Jiang 750 sidecars out on a hot Saturday afternoon.

Though some gorges at Cundixia.

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