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Rainbow on the horizon in Xinjiang.
sidecar trips in China

Inner Mongolian roads, its much more fun than it looks.

Following the pack heading to YinChuan in Ningxia.

Dirt road suitable for Jeeps and CJ750 sidecars only.

Hukou waterfalls in Shaanxi.

From the Three Kingdoms, to the Terracottas, the Long March, there is lots of history and sites to see..

Hukou waterfalls are part of the Yellow River, one of the centers of Chinese civilization.!

Riding through Huairou.

Rest stop in Miyun.

Motorcycle ride to Huairou for bbq trout.

A thumbs up for an awesome time.

River road north of Shunyi heading to Huairou.

Great wall or Goose and Duck ranch during the weekends offers a great escape from Beijing.

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